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Arts CAN Grow Communities!

My friends! My neighbors! How I've missed checking in with you on this platform. I have been working tirelessly to cultivate the mission, and to date - we have been successful on EVERY front!

As of now, we offer private party packages with LOTS of add ons to customize your smaller sized gatherings. Go to services page for adult and child options, and feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss details!

Next I'd like to discuss the wonderful , charitable works we do in our community.

Some of our beautiful items, are also what I like to consider a corporal work of mercy .

What I mean by this , is that if you make the purchases of certain items, they are created by crafters who are no longer able to do their passion, either due to illness or passing, and the families have interceded on their behalf to sell those items- for charity .

We are so proud to offer this level of generosity. We are happy to help all in need .

Many of our crafters are physically disabled, or homebound and cannot attend craft shows, and so we've offered them a venue where THEY CAN.

My gold comes from telling those sellers, that they've sold , and they become excited, passionate, and motivated . This gives them a goal, and focus - and JOY surpassing any obstacles they are faced with.

Folks who purchased the items for different charities, also LOVE the fact that they are doing DOUBLEY GOOD shopping.

Sellers at the shop are equally generous as they've all decided to pitch in so ArtsCAN Grow can sponsor its first ever Little League team! THUS supporting the community again!

Top it off with our monthly fundraising, and you've got a recipe for LOVE in our town of Hazleton!

Come support the talent, the people, the creativity, and COMMUNITY at ArtsCAN Grow!

We'd love to meet you!

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